in-house litter management lancaster pa


Creek View Manufacturing LLC is a Pennsylvania Dutch owned company. Our commitment is to offer the highest quality, In-House Poultry Litter Management Equipment, which includes Poultry Litter Windrowers and Poultry Litter Pulverizers. Our manufacturing plant is located in East Earl, in the rolling hills of Lancaster, PA.

If you are considering a Poultry Litter Saving Program (In-House Litter Composting Program), then having well built, cost effective equipment is critical. At Creek View Manufacturing we are dedicated to offering high quality equipment for the most effective Poultry Litter Management.

The Benefits of Litter Management

It is our goal to provide poultry farm equipment that will benefit the user for many years to come, that’s why we manufacture all equipment right here at our East Earl, PA facility, where we are able to personally ensure the highest, on-site quality control.

The benefits of using our litter management equipment include:
  • Litter Saving – Cost Effective
  • No need to “de-cake”
  • Better aeration; promotes faster, more effective litter composting
  • Controlled drying means a higher Pro-Biotic load (needed to eliminate the harmful bacteria and pathogens)
  • Decreased overall process time (less down time between flocks)
  • Automatic litter leveling (safer for chicks)

You can be sure that Poultry Litter Management Equipment by Creek View Manufacturing will “Litter-ally” Save You Time and Money!

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